Desde el 2011, Dominicanos Comprometidos con el Progreso

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The Anual Contributiion is $20.00, The Monthly Quote is $5.  Please use the button below

Somos Patria want to keep this project independent and focus on helping the Dominican community to help themself.  We ask you for help. We put the financial future of this organization in your hand. Please donate.  Your donation, on any amount, will help to keep this web-site running, pay for flyers, copies, flags, pins and so on. Your help also, will support  our interventions on cultural radio programs.

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La mision de estas organizaciones es trabajar por la communidad. Tus donativos les facilita hacer ese trabajo. 

*Si tu eres miembro de una organización y te gustaría que incluyeramos un botton de donar aqui, envianos tus datos en un email- incluyendo telefono- a:   

Giving: How is started?

Beggars would regularly congregate next to a wall of a courtyard and donors, being aware of this, would face the opposite direction and toss coins over the shoulders in the direction of the wall. Therefore, the recipients of the charity would not feel ashamed or indebted to the giver.

Maimonides, a 12th century Jewish scholar, wrote the following ladder of giving. Each rung up represents a higher degree of virtue:

1. The lowest: Giving begrudgingly and making the recipient feel disgraced or embarrassed.

2. Giving cheerfully but giving too little.

3. Giving cheerfully and adequately but only after being asked.

4. Giving before being asked.

5. Giving when you do not know who is the individual benefiting, but the recipient knows your identity.

6. Giving when you know who is the individual benefiting, but the recipient does not know your identity.

7. Giving when neither the donor nor the recipient is aware of the other's identity.

8. The Highest: Giving money, a loan, your time or whatever else it takes to enable an individual to be self-reliant.

Somos Patria es un proyecto independiente dedicados a la idea que cada dominicano merece progresar. Este proyecto no recibe fondos publicos y se mantiene gracias  a la generosa contribucion de gente como tu. Puedes enviar tu contribucion en cheque y a nombre se Somos Patria a la direción de más abajo o pueden hacerlo pulsando el boton que dice Paypal o Tambien puedes enviar tus donativos en cheque a:

  • Somos Patria
  • 101 Amesbury St, Suite 109
  • Lawrence, MA 01841
    *Los cheques deben venir a nombre de Somos Patria. (Te enviaremos un recibo confirmando tu contribucion) Gracias.
    Gracias tu apoyo


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