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Email-ID 1142108 from Wikileaks cable from Fred Burton, Stratfor's CEO. He suggested he faked set-up some aviation's 'accidents' in Latin America.

One of the Stranfor's cable made public by Wikileaks, reveled how Fred Burton, Stratfor's CEO supports the long standing vision of USA government acting to undermined progressive Latinoamerica's goverments,

In the mail, he jokes about planning a helicopter 'accident' to kill Evo Morales, the Bolivian president and Chavez, president of Venezuela.

His revelation has by far more serious implication  as he suggested his participated in past aviation's crashs.

"Back in the day, we would have been planning his (and Chavez's) helicopter's "accident". Guess I am getting old"


* Fred Burton worked as a CIA agent in Latin America for many years. Several time during his long service to USA Gov., he served in places like Panama were progressive governments, as 1981 the president Omar Torrijos in Panama's died as consequence of aviation accident.

Speculations on cause of crash

Torrijos's death generated charges and speculation that he was the victim of an assassination plot. For instance, in pre-trial hearings in Miami in May 1991, Manuel Noriega's attorney, Frank Rubino, was quoted as saying "General Noriega has in his possession documents showing attempts to assassinate General Noriega and Mr. Torrijos by agencies of the United States." [9] Those documents were not allowed as evidence in trial, because the presiding judge agreed with the U.S. government's claim that their public mention would violate the Classified Information Procedures Act -wikipedia


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 Fred Burton, Stratfor's CEO                     |                        Omar Torrijos



President Kill in Helicoters & Plane Crash

2014 - Cessna Plane - Brazilian presidential Socialist candidate Eduardo Campos killed in plane crash

Brazil's presidential election campaign was thrown into uncertainty on Wednesday when a private jet carrying the socialist party candidate, Eduardo Campos, crashed into a residential area near São Paulo. Seven more people dead    

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