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Dominican Arts

Roving Eye: Tropical Realism -by Sofía Hernández Chong Cuy

.... Fiction has a special place here. Literature and storytelling run deep. But you won't find fiction appearing as text in art, nor as voiceover in film. Literature is in-between things, a kind of glue that binds art communities and projects together. It catalyzes. This is why I found some...

What Diversity Knows About Diversity

Pictures Worth A Thousand Touch-Ups |

Pictures Worth A Thousand Touch-Ups January 27, 2014 Accountability, Fabrication, Media, PhotosAssociated Press, Beatles, Einstein, Elizabeth Taylor, Gettysburg, Guardian, Hindenburg...

The Greter... Part 3

  Part #3/3 In my opinion, diversity discussions in the arts administration field are about the central purpose and mechanics of public funding for the arts. Who should receive funds? Based on what criteria? Who decides? And for what...

The Greater...Part 2/3

Part 2/3 hinking and writing about diversity (which isn’t only about race of course but also gender, social-economic status, sexual orientation, etc.) in the light of Ferguson and Staten Island, I can’t help but feel that my role in the...

The Greater DC Diversity Pilot Initiative, #2: Talking Diversity in the Arts , Part #1/3

Note:This articule is from by abe flores   The Greater DC Diversity Pilot Initiative, #2: Talking Diversity in the Arts (Reflections on the Community Diversity Forums) POSTED BY ABE FLORES ON DECEMBER - 9 -...

Artists Dispora | Discipline & Contact

Artists Visa O & P Visa Letters of Consultation

O & P Visa Letters of Consultation Getting a visa to work as an artist in the United States is a time-consuming and frustrating process. Government bureaucracy and red tape are a hassle, especially when you're only going to be working in the country for a short time. As part of this...

Visual Artists - Contact - Dominican Republic

  Artes Visuales - Artistas Dominicanos  Cortesía: de Dominican Cult Blog A Gabriel Abreu, Santo Domingo   Danilo Aguiló, San Pedro de Macorís   Jose Anico, República Dominicana   Julianny Ariza, República Dominicana     B Ada Balcácer,...

USA - Exhibition Calendar

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Pricing You Work

5 Steps to a Magazine Feature of You and Your Art

  5 Steps to a Magazine Feature of You and Your Art The December 2014/January 2015 edition of Professional Artist magazine features an article by me titled “Think Before You Leap: Beware of People Who Tell You to Follow Your Passion.” The editor suggested photos of artists at work...

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