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"Other Americans"

When someone talks about be an "American," they often mean to talk about someone from USA, only. However, where I when to school, they taught us that America was a continent rather than the nickname of a country...

Therefore, technically everyone born in America (the continent) is an American!

And at some point in the past this became an issue. To solve it, they used American practicality- they added an "s" to "America" so "Americas" is the continent and USA is the same as "America". Of course this sound pretty much the same but in paper it changed- in paper!.


For a casual reader this might be shocking. The use of "American" to reference someone "from USA only" should not be a great deal. But it is a great deal for many millions living in USA with a skin color, hair or accent "diferent".  If don't look anglo-saxo it means you don't belong. But the same happen in others countries.


The proper term to refer someone from USA is Usonian. And Usonian love their country. Many, however, do no agreed with pasts and presents abuses we've being doing overseas. Millions do no agree.

An I understan  that some people-hold a remarkable negative view of Americans. But this view is - often - directed against American's politician or corporations. Not necesarely to the "people".


Now, I don't know the answer to his problem. Some people seems to think we are all brainwashes by the media. Others, that we programmed kids to be violent and therefore, we display unnecessary amount of violence over any disagreement.

Those are valid points to bring in to the table. As an 'American' I not an impartial judge. However, I can show you a different kind of "Americans". I am sure that like in your own country, we also have other voices. The problems is they are still a minority in numbers. Too fews with little power, even to make one's self living with our God given talent.

At the core of being an American, there is an ideal. The ideal requests to be toleran of our differences.

The Others Americans

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