Behind the life of Dierick Shephard!

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                                                                                Black history month


                                                                Behind the life of Dierick Shephard!


*What’s your out look on being a young black man?

                Dierick: “all the people are the same; everyone should be judge for whom they are not for what they are. People are different on the outside i.e. Color, sexuality, sexually orientation, religion, etc.” “we are all the same on the inside, we all bleed RED”.


*Do you think being black makes life tougher?

                Dierick: “its harder being a young black man in today’s society because I have more expectations to live up to. I feel that I have to study harder to get into a good school. I was taught how to learn, read and study my own way for 19 years. Now I have to learn that all over again but in a completely different manor.” Dierick quoted that he is not afraid to fight for what he needs and this is why he’s a strong minded person! 


*Have you ever had to over come any obstacles for being black?

                Dierick: “Language, writing, daily customs, these are the few things that have changed drastically. Language was the toughest obstacle I had to over come. I am still improving my speech to this day as well as writing. In my eyes no matter what obstacle or challenges come threw am always number one. No matter what problems come my way I have goals and I will succeed.”  1599=1


*What motivates you to stay strong and succeed?

                Dierick: “My friends are very important.” Dierick had used a great example in basketball if you are better then him he will be just as good if not better then you! He is always above the game. “My little brother is a big inspiration. If my father passes I am the next man in charge.”


*What advice do you have for the next generation coming threw?

                Dierick “If you want something don’t quit, don’t let others bring you down, and the only person you can count on being there for you is yourself. Others do not decide your future, YOUR IN CHARGE.”

Goals and Dreams:

                Webmaster:  “I would love to work with organization websites. Computers are my passion.”

                Family: “I would like to get married and have a beautiful caring wife, and kids.  I want to show my kids that I started with close to nothing and got everything I worked for.”


*Do you think Black History Month is important? Do you think we’ll still need it in a few years?

                Dierick: “Sometimes you think you have a big problem and when you look at the history and see those that went threw more, you’ll stop and think again.” Quoted from Corey Sheehan “I am proud of what my history was to be able to sit next to a fine young man such as Dierick. I can honestly say if the world saw everyone the way he did, it would be a happier place.”


After speaking with Dierick he is a bright, smart, and a beyond intelligent young man. Dierick is a great example of a success story. He’s come threw many challenges in his life and is still doing well today. He has many goals within the computer tech. trade. Dierick has many inspirations and many people that care for him. I’ve come to realize that no matter what you have been threw, there’s always someone there that cares about you. Seeing that Dierick is younger than me and already sees that I can tell he is going very far in life. In ten years down the road from now when Dierick is a successful man I will be proud to say that he was a colleague and a friend of mine.

Topic: Behind the life of Dierick Shephard!


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