10.05.2012 09:03

When I was watching the movie bully, I was feeling disappointed and just angry at the fact that kids, teen and adults are being bully just for being gay! These student where bullied because they were Lesbian, Bisexual or Transgender, and some being Shy or Socially Awkward. The movie bully helped me realize that in order for things to change. There must be an organization to help fight for what’s right, because there is those who don’t care and just say “that is normal nothing to big,” or “kids will be kids it’s nothing.” Those types of parents, friends or just anyone who thinks that way, will wait until it’s too late before trying to do something about it! The movie Bully just makes me think about the future and what is going to become of us. If we don’t take the time to stop and look around for a minute we will never realize that we can make a change! The time is now to make a difference.  Bully shows us how hard is to stand up to bullies and how difficult it gets for those who are struggling with being bullied every day, those students are just fighting for a way out.  The entire time I was watching Bully, all I kept thinking was why does this happen, and how can this happen? I wish I was there to help them and make a change. I was feeling so angry at the fact that teacher, principal and even the police did nothing about it and all they did was ignored the situation. Just the disappointment I had towards those who are careless made me really sad and very angry, because if you have a voice, rise, speak up and let go and fight for those who lost their life for being bullied we all have a voice. Use it to safe someone life.

Write by Lurdes Sanchez

Topic: BULLY

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