Ruth Jerez now as Dzerej

06.08.2012 10:59

Ruth E. Jerez was born during a beautiful summer evening on June 30th, in Methuen, Massachusetts. She is the youngest of 4 siblings and began to express interest in music at a very young age. Dzerej comes from a family of musicians and developed a passion for singing at the age of 6. She was born to be a singer and a songwriter and is now formally known as Dzerej.

Dzerej is a Dominican artist who is striving for international projection. Her voice and sentiments bring out her presence on stage. Her creativity and sensuality is portrayed throughout Spanish melodies that have created the image and originality of her music. Dzerej listened to Bachata (Spanish Genre) while growing up. Her father would play music every weekend at home and while riding in the car. Dzerej grew to love music and would sing along to it. She was inspired and imitated them.
Dzerej’s talent developed naturally. At age 18, she received compliments from her audience and family about her singing. Their reactions proved that her voice and talent warmed and touched her audience. By 2002, she was asked to sing at a public event held for the community at a local park. In remembrance of the women who have lost their lives to Domestic Violence. During that same year (2002), a group of students marched against Domestic Violence and Dzerej was glad to volunteer to sing at the event. She sang "Then and Now" a song that she had written about the Domestic Violence. Many students stated that they got chills while hearing her sing this song. By the year 2003, she sang a song at a club for the first time. Dzerej was invited to the club "Lido" in Revere , Massachusetts . This was her first time singing to an audience of approximately 500 people.
During the month of February 2010, she meets Jose Luis Morin, a famous producer that received 2 Grammy Awards in 2006, while working with famous singer, Olga Tanon on her hit "Bandolero". Morin stated, "For an artist to excel and succeed, not only is it important to have vocal talents but an artist must also have charisma. Dzerej has an angel hovering over her that convinced me, that she will touch the hearts of those who meet her and hear her sing."
Dzerej has now touched and inspired women and will continue to impact many the hearts.

Topic: Ruth Jerez now as Dzerej

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